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We are Family Collection… Chamilia

Posted by Kairos Jewellery

Chamilia – We are Family!

What does “We are Family” mean to you? To me it is my children, my parents, my siblings; and the people I choose as my friends. Family is where I love my family member one minute then hate them the next, and woe betide anyone who picks a fight with a member of my family. Your family is where you can turn to for a hug, companionship, friendship, who you can turn to for anything.

I would use this Charm to represent my Mum, who is that one in a million I can always rely on.

This is for my Dad, he will always be my Hero and a Star is his own right.

Fearless is what my parents have made me! They’ve encouraged me to be intrepid, brave, daring and bold; to meet my problems head on and deal with them.

New! We Are Family - Chamilia

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