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Trollbeads Winter 2016 Collection – Preview…

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Trollbeads Zodiac Stars

Trollbeads Winter Collection 2016


Sharing love…


Kairos Jewellery and Trollbeads Newcastle wishes to welcome you to the following collection, available for sale from the 4th of November 2016. Trollbeads new Winter Wonderland has the following products:

12 Sterling silver star beads with stones of the zodiac, 2 limited edition glass kits, 3 sterling silver beads, 1 double bead, 2 gold beads, 1 sterling silver ring, 1 neck bangle and 3 spacers.

Wishes and Kisses kit and Winter wonderland kit from Trollbeads.

‘Wishes and Kisses Kit’ and ‘ Winter Wonderland Kit’

My favourite Trollbeads designer is Louise Rimpler, who has designed a set of Bow beads which include a ring, a pendant, a spacer and a double bead. Louise Rimpler is the most awarded female tattoo artist in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bow Ring

Trollbeads Bow ring.

‘A ring to remember what is most important in life.’


Bow Spacer


Trollbeads Bow spacer.

‘A girl without a bow, is not a girl.’


Double Bow


Trollbeads Double Bow

I find this Double Bow quite intriguing; it is a very clever notion to tie two bracelets together. Be it a foxtail bracelet, leather bracelet or bangle. This is a departure from Trollbeads normal beads and I am truly fascinated by the whole idea. This new double bead is a major new concept, may Trollbeads design more of these in the future.

Magic Bow

Trollbeads Magic Bow Pendant

‘Place your favourite pearl or prism inside the Magic Bow.’

This pendant is a must for everyone who has any of the Fantasy Necklaces; it will enhance any one of these necklaces.

Love Goat

Trollbeads Love Goat

Designed with the purpose to always follow its heart, the Love Goat is the authentic Nordic manifestation of the bringer of gifts. The Love Goat is cleverly designed to grace any bracelet, bangle or necklace in the Trollbeads collection.

Budding love

Trollbeads Budding Love

The risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom – Anais Nin.

Neck Bangle

Trollbeads Neck Bangle

Create an elegant look with the graceful Neck Bangle by decorating it with your favourite beads and spacers. This is available in small and medium, come in store to find your best fit.

Anemone Spacer


Trollbeads Anemone spacer

‘Keep your anemone as a symbol of unfading love and luck.’


Budding Pearl Spacer


Trollbeds Budding Pearl Spacer

‘May all your gardens grow.’


Two Souls Spacer


Trollbeads Two Souls Spacer

‘Two Souls, one single thought.’


Family Love, Gold


Trollbeads  Family Love

‘Where life begins, love never ends.’


Nodes of Joy, Gold


Trollbeads Nodes of Joy

‘Life is a love song.’



“The art of melting a heart

Let the snow fall white. Let the lake freeze over. Let it blow a gale outside it’s

The feeling within that matters.

And nothing warms a girls heart more that a personal gift of beautiful jewellery.

Designed and given with love.”


Start dreaming of the season of giving.

The season of love and kindness.

Winter is on its way and so are sweet traditions, family joy and happiness.

Helen @ Trollbeads Newcastle


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