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Trollbeads – Flowers of the Month

Posted by Kairos Jewellery

Trollbeads Flowers of the MonthFlowers of the Month

Each month of the year have a Sterling Silver bead inset with a Cultured Freshwater Pearl; the following twelve beads are described below. Each bead represents the children born in their particular birth month.

Snowdrop of January – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Hidden in the stems of snowdrops is a pearl. Not sure if its too cold to come out, it sits persistent, ambitious and patient, it is the birth flower of January.

Trollbeads Snowdrop of January

Violet of February – designed by Isabel Aagaard.

With humility the violet lives independently, creative and very entertaining, representing the births o February. In Luminous purple the violet shouts with conviction “I’ll always be true” while supporting the pearl of beauty.

Trollbeads Violets of February

Daffodil of March – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Representing optimism, generosity and honesty the birth flower of March, daffodil, wraps itself around a freshwater pearl with the hidden message “You are an angel”.

Trollbeads Daffodil of March

Daisy of April – designed by Nicolas Aagaard.

The birth flower of April conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity. The daisy is good at keeping secrets whispering, “I’ll never tell”. Concealing its good friend, the pearl, in plain sight to protect its beauty.

Trollbeads Daisy of April

Buckthorn of May – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Hiding among the leaves of buckthorn is a precious pearl of beauty. This birth flower of May represents hops and happiness, only wishing the best for all.

Trollbeads Buckthorn of May

Rose of June – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Different colour roses have different meanings, but they are all inquisitive, clever and versatile and represent the birth flower of June, with love and beauty hiding a freshwater pearl between its leaves

Trollbeads Rose of June

Water Lilies of July – designed by Soren Nielsen.

The first flower mentioned in the world of literature is the water lily, the flower of July, symbolising the perfect beauty. Shielding a pearl beneath it petals to protect another symbols of beauty, the freshwater pearl.

Trollbeads Water Lilies of July

Poppies of August – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Typically dressed in red, the poppy stands for imagination and is native in almost every country. This August birth flower holds a freshwater pearl as a symbol of beauty.

Trollbeads Poppies of August

Bindweed of September – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Here a pearl hides among the leaves of the flowers as a symbol of beauty. Bindweed symbolises devoted relations, faithfulness and represents the birth flower of September.

Trollbeads Bindweed of September

Calendula of October – designed by Soren Nielsen.

The calendula is charming and pleasant by nature, but don’t be fooled by its beauty, as it holds the freshwater pearl. The calendula, as the October Children, has much perspective and refinement in its movements through life.

Trollbeads Calendula of October

Chrysanthemum of November – designed by Soren Nielsen.

With Love and cheerfulness the November birth flower brings the message “You’re a Wonderful Friend” in a whispery tone. Focused, determined and a bit emotional the chrysanthemum holds a pearl in its centre to symbolise beauty.

Trollbeads Chrysanthemum of November

Narcissus of December – designed by Soren Nielsen.

Humorous and generous the narcissus represent the children of December, with its compassionate leave it hides the symbol of beauty, the freshwater pearl.

Trollbeads Narcissus of December

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