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NEW! Chamilia Autumn/Fall Collection 2016…

Posted by Kairos Jewellery

Chamilia New Colours of Autumn

Chamilia Autumn/Fall Collection

As our seasons turn from Summer to Autumn, the Trees in the Northern Hemisphere change colour. Leaves upon the trees take on the rich gold, buttery yellow to amber; or orange, purple, burgundy red or russet all these colours herald Autumn. These colours are the inspiration of Chamilia’s new colour Palette for their new range of beads.

I’ve chose a few of my favourite’s to showcase on this blog but you can find the full collection here – Chamilia Autumn Collection

When walking in the forests and woods you see pine cones wherever you look, this decorative Pine Cone would look graceful on any Halloween or Winter bracelet.

This Charm celebrates the bringing in of a bountiful Harvest, to remind you that times could be harder for you.

This delightful Silver Charm has a Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal set in the middle of the leaf. Showing an individual leaf that has floated away from the tree.

Bubbles are fascinating and fun, for all those who love bubbles in their lives, the Effervescence range would suit you. My must have is the Effervescence Prosecco as I always have this at home.

Chamilia’s Halloween Collection…

From Beauty and the Beast, Chamilia has designed this Charm bead especially for the Beast in your life.

The Crescent Moon, the light that guides you while you go out hunting ghosts and ghouls.

An unbreakable lock pick, an asset for those who have lost their keys, it will open any door for you.

A favourite of all, how will you decorate your Jack-O-Lanterns this Halloween?

Will you dare to open the Potion Bottle to see what charms are inside!

Shall I tell you what they are?!?!?

Okay, the three charms inside are Beasty, a Haunted House and a Witch, all of which will be added to my Halloween Chamilia themed bracelet.





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