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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Chamilia – Alice in Wonderland Collection

Introducing the New Chamilia Alice in wonderland Collection available at Kairos Jewellery, Brampton.

Chamilia Alice in Wonderland Collection.

As a little girl I remember being read this story at bed time, I couldn’t wait to see what antics the Cheshire Cat would get up to, or what the Mad Hatter would say next. Lewis Carroll created a Wonderland where we could become lost in a world we could imagine for ourselves.…

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Welcome the Soft Sunrise…

Start your story today with special offer promotional bracelets from Trollbeads, available to buy from Kairos Jewellery and Trollbeads Newcastle.


Soft Sunrise and Infinite Beauty

Introducing the new seasonal starter campaign from Trollbeads. A silver bangle and a foxtail bracelet, which is secured with a Flower Lock, both showcasing the beautiful Sea Anemone bead at a fantastic starter price! As the Sea Anemone bead proved to be very popular in 2015, it was natural to invite new guests into the Trollbead family by launching the Sea Anemone bead with this campaign.…

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Trollbeads Vintage Style

Trollbeads Vintage Pendant with Emerald available to buy in store and online at Trollbeads Newcastle and Kairos Jewellery.

Trollbeads – Vintage Style by Charlotte Willis



Vintage Pendant

The Trollbeads collection contains over one thousand pieces of jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, beads, locks, rings, pendants and earrings. The possibilities are endless and the limit really is your imagination! I love the many different ways you can create and wear your own Trollbeads and this blog is all about my favourite pieces and how I love to wear them!…

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